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Why SEO is important for an online business?

May 30, 2020 Admin Blog

Let's first start with understanding what is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization which means to optimize your WebPages in such a way that your website gets ranked high in various search engines. It is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website.

Covid-19 Will Affect the Digital Marketing Industry

Apr 20, 2020 Admin Blog

The outbreak of COVID-19 and its speedy trespassing over human life has already taken a toll on the entire world by now, scientist and experts are still speculating how long it will take for the spreading to stop, quarantines to be lifted, and when people can finally return to live their normal lives.

8 Reasons Why Keyword Dropped (from Jan 2020)

Jan 15, 2020 Admin Blog

Keyword ranking plays an important role in altering the position of your website, where your site is ranked in search engine and the impact it creates on your web traffic, lead generations and conversions, etc. to a great extent is determined by keywords.

How to Choose the Best SEO Agency in India

April 14, 202020 Admin Blog

Today, it is common knowledge that Page 2 ranking on Google is as good as buried. True, everything boils down to ranking. As the dictum goes, the higher you rank, better the opportunity for your business.

Web Technologies in 2k19

Mar 11, 2019 Admin Blog

And each year, new trends and technologies shape the environment that web developers find themselves in. One year is marked by static websites, another by mobile responsiveness, and another still by chatbots.

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